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Kingdom Chorus
version 3.0 -
Week 229 Theme 
27th-Jan-2013 11:49 pm
Riku - monster
+You must use the song I provide and nothing else
+Please PROOFREAD your icons!
+You must have three consecutive words, and they must be legible
+You may enter up to two icons
+Icons must adhere to LJ's rules! Under 40kb and no more than 100x100 pixels
+Don't post your icon anywhere else or the wolves will eat you.
+This contest will end Saturday, February 2nd @ 11:00pm EST.

Exile by Heather Dale

You're begging on your knees,
without dirtying you hands.
You want someone to love,
but not someone I can.

The wilderness calls me again.
A trusted friend in my exile,
I'm free in my exile,
I'm free.

The stringless thorns replace
the fishhooks in my flesh.
You try to draw me in,
but still deny the net.
You're clinging to what I have left.

While I forget in my exile...
I'm free in my exile,
I'm free to forget.

I brand these rags and tatters on my feet
Here are tests I know that I can beat.

You say that I am weak,
and kiss the tears aways.
You offer what I need,
for more than I can pay.

My choice is who I should betray...
Or to stay in my exile,
I'm free in my exile,
I'm free to stay.

I'm free in my exile,
I'm free in my exile,
I'm free
I'm free again

[ Listen to the song! ]

+ KH2.CO.UK -- only one of THE best out there.
+ KH Gallery at Anime Papers. I think you need to have an account to view them? I'm not sure, I don't remember... but you can't download the uber high-res unless you have lots of 'papers', but the smaller ones are pretty good
+ KH Gallery at Aethereality
Also, if you want screen caps, go to places like cap_it or KH VIDS and cap it for yourself :O it's always good to have caps also~
+ Giant Bomb
10th-Feb-2013 05:16 am (UTC)
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